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Vaultry alerts you to risky applications to help prevent data leaks, reputational damage and non-compliance issues.


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How is Vaultry different from Software Asset Management (SAM) Software and Antivirus solutions?

Antivirus software (e.g. Norton or MalwareBytes) scans your system for suspicious files, detects malware & viruses and removes these threats from your system. 

SAM software helps manage and optimize the purchase, deployment and management of your software costs. It helps balance the number of software licenses purchased with the number of licenses actually used.

Vaultry fills the gap in the middle. Vaultry scans and alerts you to all unauthorized applications being used on your network – like overused license registrations, key generators, torrented software, cracked software, and unapproved freemium programs – and poses a serious risk to your company. 

Here’s why:

First, when an organization exceeds its allocated number of licenses, patches and security updates are no longer available to install. This opens up a network to serious risk of cyberattacks and ransomware attacks. Illegal and cracked versions of software are also exposed to this risk.

Second, while it seems harmless, team members who install legitimate freemium and paid software that hasn’t been approved by IT – in an attempt to become more productive –  inadvertently also open their company’s systems to these vulnerabilities.

Do I need to install something on every machine?

No. There is no need for local installation on multiple machines. You can install Vaultry on one main computer and monitor hundreds or thousands of other systems from this centralized location.

I have multiple subnets (a segmented piece of a larger network), do I need to run a separate Vaultry instance on each?

No. 'Vaultry Medium' supports seamless scanning over multiple subnetworks. 

What operating systems does Vaultry support?

Windows for now, other operating systems to be included very soon.

How often do you publish new Fingerprints?

There is no set time frame. New Fingerprints are published when vendors of major applications release new versions of their software, allowing Vaultry to provide up-to-date alerts.